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What is corruption, what is the proper law?

UNGARAN – Kawan Rasika,  Corruption in Indonesia is growing systematically. For many people, corruption is no longer as a violation of law, but it is just a custom. In Indonesia, corruption happens as if it is a normal thing to do, especially among officials. Officials seem to have no shame to do disservice to this country. This creates a question, what the causes of corruption in Indonesia are. At least there are eight causes of corruption that happens in Indonesia.

First, state administration system is erroneously. As new developed country, the development priorities must be in education. But for decades, started from old order era, the new order era, until reformation era, the development only focused on the economic field. Whereas, every country that is newly independent, is still limited in having human resources, money, management, and technology. So, as a consequence, all of those things are imported from abroad which in turn it produces the cause of corruption.

Second, civil servants’ compensation is low. Newly independent countries do not have enough money to pay higher compensation to employees. Moreover Indonesia, which prioritizes economic and cultural field, makes a pattern of consumerism culturally and physically, so that 90 percent of civil servants do corruption.

Third, officials are greedy. Consumerism lifestyle, was born by the development system, encourages officials to be rich instantly. This causes the attitude of greed where officials abuse the authority and his position, as doing mark up to the development projects.

Fourth, Law Enforcement does not run well. Officials that are greedy and civil servants who do corruption because of the insufficient salary, do not run law enforcement well. Besides, in government agencies and organizations community, everything that involves in the law enforcement is measured by money.

Fifth, the punishment that is lightly against the corruptor. The law enforcement does not work properly, where law enforcement officials can be paid. Thus, the punishment for the corruptor is very light and it does not cause a deterrent effect.

Sixth, the supervision is not effective. In a modern system of management, there is always the instrument called internal control which the nature is in build in every unit of work task. So that a little deviation will be detected earlier and automatically repaired. But, internal control which exists in every unit no longer went properly because the officer or employee who relates to the business, can do the act of corruption.

Seventh, there is no exemplary leader. In 1997, the state of the Indonesian economy is slightly better than Thailand. But, the leader of Thailand gave an example to its people in a pattern of simple life. Thus, moral support and material were born from the public and employers. In short time, Thailand got economic recovery. In Indonesia, there was no leader that can be an example so that the national and state life is nearly in ravine destruction.

Eighth, corruption in Indonesia is not only centred on state officials recently but already it extends to the community. This can be exemplified by the handling of the ID card, driver’s licence, vehicles registration, or when applying for work. This is a reflection of the community actions which is carried out by political officials.

Based on those arguments that show us the causes of corruption, we have to do preventive actions against corruption. We should build legal regime, the prevention form all elements that can provide the illumination law and information that are held to the government, public services, providers of goods n services, and private parties. Say no to corruption and let us fight against it.